New Music from Barenkrieger

I am happy to announce that Britt Perkins has a new album, Follow the Bear, with her band Barenkrieger. It is, in a word, awesome, and that’s a pretty meaningful word coming from someone who grew up in the 80s.

Perkins, a former member of my old berserker forum, is a hell of a singer. Her voice is both beautiful and powerful, and well suited to this kind of music. Hauk Heimdallsman’s shredding guitar gives the music that driving, get-the-blood-pumping power that is the reason why I listen to this genre, while also showing a slower, more haunting approach in the places where it’s needed. Also, I really love a good bass line and Dylan Cronin really delivers that. These three are real professionals. Aside from these elements, I would say that I really appreciate how the music is not just technically proficient, the lyrics are also often deep and meaningful. Heathens should find a lot to relate to.

I’ve been a fan of heavy metal practically since metal was invented, and I’d say that if you like metal, you should give this album a listen. You can download the digital album here: Just $5.

More Metal from an Old Packmate

I was once again contacted by an old member of the pack who is a musician these days. I have written about her work in metal before on this blog. Well, she apparently has a new project: Appalachian Metal. She has a couple of songs up, one titled “Berserker.” They’re just rough live recordings, but the band sounds like it has a lot of potential. They are working on their first album now and I, for one, am eagerly awaiting it. If you like metal, I suggest popping over and giving them a listen, and checking out their album when it comes out.