The Christiban

I have been literally sitting here for hours, trying to think of a clever, insightful way to start this post. And you know what? I can’t. I haven’t got the heart for it. I am just too sick and tired of the antics of the Christiban.

You know, the Christian Taliban. Which is what the modern conservative movement has clearly become. In the name of their extremist Christian beliefs, they have stripped women of the right to make their own healthcare choices. (Oh yeah, they REALLY believe in small government and individual liberty. F#%^#! hypocrites.) And it’s clear they’re not going to stop there.

From the things they’ve been saying and doing, they’re also coming after gay marriage. And interracial marriage. Contraceptives, too. And they’ll be coming for minority religions eventually. Like ours.

And they’re going to try their level best to use their gerrymandering and SCOTUS advantages to subvert election law and effectively enshrine minority rule across the land. So they’ll have the “legal” power to do all this. Make no mistake. They are undemocratic. UnAmerican. And they must be stopped.

So I didn’t celebrate Independence Day today. There’s not so much of it to celebrate.

Resist the Christiban. Now. Before it’s too late.

One thought on “The Christiban

  1. Troy Hansen says:

    Just thought you would find this amusing…

    Also when you have a chance let me know what I can do to to help move Whitman to a different firm.

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