“Cancel Culture” is not Censorship

I was thinking of doing a post like this, but as Hilda Odinsbjorn has already done so, I might as well just link to hers.

Hilda Odinsbjorn

I once knew a libertarian who believed individual companies should be able to decide who they serve. If, for example, a wedding cake company didn’t want to make a cake for a same-sex couple, his opinion was that they shouldn’t have to. So why is it, then, that these same people go all to pieces if a company such as Twitter chooses to de-platform somebody for being racist or inciting a riot? Is that not just a company acting as an autonomous entity in the free market?

We consider it perfectly ok for a store, for example, to ban an individual for stealing, causing a ruckus or screaming hate speech. Why can’t a media platform ban an individual for going against the rules? Besides, it would be far worse if they were banning someone for being part of a specific culture or sexuality. Banning a whole community of innocent people…

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