Stand and Fight

Well, the time is upon us. I beg of all true heathens to stand and fight to protect not just our people, but all the people of this nation. No matter how long the lines, no matter how personally inconvenient you find it, I beg of you to go and vote that traitor Trump and all of his sycophantic enablers out of office. Enough of us have died. This is our last chance. Stand and fight.

6 thoughts on “Stand and Fight

  1. Bolverk says:

    Wow, and no receipts on why he is a traitor? Typical smooth brained liberal, spouts vitriol without so much as evidence. He just is? Not sure why you felt the need to use your notoriety to take a political stand, but I thought you were about Asatru and not into ‘begging’ for help. Seeing you in this desperate state and light sort of diminishes your message and I will be sure to let the folk know this, when the opportunity arises. I stand for and with the Gods.

    • Typical modern right wing halfwit. There ARE more than two possible political positions. Not agreeing with your politics does not automatically make a person aligned with the opposite of your politics.

      And yes, I did explain why he, and losers like you who support him, are traitors. I went on about it at great length, fairly recently. It’s the entry just two down from this one. So I can see you don’t actually read this blog. Or any of my other work, as I do not hide my political beliefs.

      So you think that a person’s religious beliefs should not have anything to do with their political and other beliefs? How pathetic. If your religion does not inform the way you think and behave about other things in your life, you’re not really religious.

      You think that begging diminishes my message? You think it looks weak? That tells me a lot more about you than me, loser. You clearly know nothing about true strength, pride, or social responsibility. Or my message. No, I am NOT too proud to beg for help when it comes to defeating a malignant traitor and his freakish death cult who are responsible for many tens of thousands of American deaths. And if you think pride should be more important than such matters, you truly are pathetic.

      And no, I do not see how your claim that you stand with the gods is true. You betray your people. Your actions are not supported by the teachings of any god. You have no sense of social responsibility. You obviously have little to no respect for the nine noble virtues. You have taken a name to yourself that nobody who knows Odin or heathen belief would take. (And it does NOT surprise me that you take a name of treason religiously in addition to supporting a traitor politically.) You are no heathen.

      Oh dear, you’re going to tell on me to a bunch of Trumpies and Folkies? I might lose the degenerate, treasonous, halfwit crowd? Whatever shall I do?

      As you plainly don’t actually read my work, let me clue you in: I don’t want your readership. I never have. And your respect would make me feel sick to my stomach.

      I’m banning you. I will not have traitors here.

      And “notoriety” rather than “fame,” huh? I like the sound of that.

    • Steven says:

      I am disappointed by your political comments trying to influence people. Someone that understands the gift of absolute power from the Gods would never make such comments as you have made. Those of us who have truly been blessed with the power to overcome and protect those around us, do not try to influence or manipulate. We are absolute, empathetic, neutral and understanding. We absolutely do not push our own agenda or will. We protect what is best for our society and what our Gods allow us to intervene in.
      We have the ability to turn, we are all powerful, we are unstoppable, we even fear ourselves, if the Gods chose to deliver us that power. It is not political, it is loving, just, and pure for the sole purpose of protecting those around us from imminent danger.
      A pure blood Berserk would never dream of compromising their values to push a political agenda.

      • Letting evil go unopposed and not turning the wolf aside from the door WOULD be compromising my values.

        Also, the gangr is not a gift of absolute power by any means. You seem to hold some kind of RPG or fantasy novel view of the thing.

        And “pure blood?” I do believe I hear the sound of jackboots.

  2. Frick says:

    Even a little study of history would reveal the danger trump represented to democracy. Someone who sees a building on fire and calls for the people to grab a bucket are not beggars. Being a lack wit follower of a cult of personality has nothing to do with what Odin has taught me.

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