Happy Yule

A happy Yule to you all. May the Hunt ride far from your homes.

6 thoughts on “Happy Yule

  1. Philip B says:


    It has been a long time since I last had enough free time to really do something I enjoy. And since I wanted to ask a question, and it is also that time of the year to wish other people a good year I thought I would drop by.

    So a good year to you ( not only to the man that made the post, but to any other potential readers ), health, as well as wealth and happiness come to us in the next year. I hope everyone is doing well and will continue like that.

    Now here’s a little something to entertain yourselves if you are interested. I’m currently looking into the Eggja stone which you may or may not have heard off. I’m having a tough time with all the interpretations and the whole story behind them and the object itself. If anybody is has any interpretations of their own, or any thoughts, I’d be happy to hear them

  2. unrelated to topic

    hello there.. i just found out about somafera and am really terrified that thats exactly what i experience every day.. i know about berserkers and ulfhednars and all this stuff… am also a heathen so all this just adds more to my thinking.. am 16 and i had some problems with the gangr… am also waiting for trial because of the last accident that happened… i just want to talk to someone who understands… since the forum is out i cannot explain this and find someone to talk to … to help me with this… i have sent an e mail to dont know who or how and no response still… so am just in struggle to find a way.. please answer somehow

  3. Bjorna says:

    Happy late late Yule. Hope you had a good one!

  4. Genghis Khan says:

    Hello all. Happy (very) late Yule. I’m Genghis. Well not really, but that’s what everyone calls me. I had some questions for anyone who would be willing to answer. I don’t know if I really am a Berserker, a somfera, or if I’m just crazy like I’ve always been told. I’ve had many experiences similar to what is described as gangr, but I’m not sure if I just have “issues” as I’ve been led to believe. All my life I’ve had anger problems. I sometimes have what I describe as “flare ups” when I just get very angry and sometimes black out or have foggy memory. I can only specifically remember three instances of my flare ups.

    My first was sometime in the third grade, I was told that another child poured a carton of milk on my head, and I proceeded to attempt to break his arm.

    The second was 7th grade. I had just moved to a new school and was under constant harassment by a bully. On several occasions he made me so angry I almost screamed and ended up leaving a crack in my teacher’s door. The day of the flare up, I was kneeling at my locker (I’m 5’9″ and had a bottom locker) when I was shoved headfirst into IT up to my shoulders. I removed myself from the locker to see my bully laughing as he walked away. I pursued and slapped his neck and walked away. He caught up and punched the back of my head. I have a berry foggy recollection of the following events but I do remember grabbing him by the collar and raining punches on the back of his head.

    The third flare up happened in 8th grade. I was playing football and was getting riled up for no apparent reason other than the excitement I was feeling. Both teams were piled on the ball carrier, not really moving anywhere. A strange feeling washed over me and I roared. The next thing I know I’m rolling off of the pile and was later told that I pushed over the entire pile (about 20 people).

    So thank you for hearing me out. Any thoughts on the topic would be great. And if anyone would care to get in touch to talk I would be most gracious. May the Allfather guide you.

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