The Dawkins Delusion

One of my pet peeves is the pseudo-intellectual BS put out by Dawkins and his uber-atheist crowd of New Skeptics. The cheap debating tricks and bad logic they pass off as scientific work has done a lot of damage to the advancement of human understanding. Now, I have no problem with intellectually honest agnostics and atheists, but Dawkins’ crowd are not intellectually honest. They use all of the same sleazy tricks and are guilty of the same poor reasoning as the people they are constantly complaining about.

This has had the effect of making a lot of heathens and other polytheists make one of two mistakes: either try to “prove” their religious and spiritual beliefs scientifically, or to reject science and rational thought as being somehow opposed to and inferior to religious and spiritual thought. Both approaches are foolish. Neither are in keeping with the way the ancient heathens and other polytheists looked at matters.

I have written an article on the subject that has been published in the Walking the Worlds journal. It is here, if anyone wants to check it out, and the many other fine articles on philosophy and polytheism it contains.

4 thoughts on “The Dawkins Delusion

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    I read that article when I received this issue. Very well written.

  2. Julian says:

    Walking the Worlds is a journal I certainly intend to read–specifically the essays within its most recent publication. However, I’m not currently able to acquire a copy. Is there are a way to access your article, “The Dawkins Delusion”, without having to purchase the entire journal?

    As I previously said, I eventually intend to purchase a tangible copy of my own, but right now, I’m really eager to read your assessment and critiques of contemporary skepticism or more specifically–scientism.

    This is especially beneficial for someone such as myself transitioning into heathenry from a largely non-theistic background.

    • Thank you for your interest, and my apologies, but I cannot provide access to it outside the journal. The publisher is putting a lot of her time and money into this journal. I would be undercutting her efforts if I made my articles available for free. Besides, it might be part of the publishing contract that I can’t, as well.

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