Some Pagans Are Getting Fooled Again

Before bringing the conversation around to a truly unsettling trend in both the heathen and larger pagan communities, allow me a brief reminiscence of my days in college, to set the context for it.

Although I was a science major, I had a keen interest in politics, and got onto the student senate. In those days, at that university, the student senate was responsible for distributing $1 million to student activity groups each year. Each group would make a proposal, come before us, and get operating money. We were mostly a rubber stamp process, and served only to weed out misuses of funds.

When I served, the rest of the senate was composed of liberal Democrats. I, of course, am a radical moderate, meaning that I subscribe to no –ism or –ology, but make up my own mind about issues on a case by case basis. When the Conservative Interests of America group came before us (yes, the CIA), they barely got their pitch out before a senator made a motion to deny them funding, and was seconded. When I asked why, I was told outright that the other senators saw this as their opportunity to shut down Republican-oriented programs on campus, and advance their own political agendas. They spoke as if it was obvious that I should see these young Republicans as the “bad guys.”

Now, I didn’t think much of the CIA group. I found their hawkishness of foreign policy and disregard of collateral casualties repugnant. I found their supply side economics theories as ridiculous as Laffer’s napkin drawing. I thought their opposition to basic assistance to the poor that their business-oriented Randian fantasies had created was hypocritical. I also knew many of them personally, and thought they were mostly %&*@#$!-bags. Yet still, I stood up to defend them. I filibustered for hours, until I had annoyed my fellow senators into giving the CIA its funds.

Why? Well, it was my job to disburse the funds impartially and fairly, for one thing. But there was a larger principle involved. America is founded on certain fundamental ideals that are supposed to be so important that they trump everything else. One is freedom of speech. Everybody, no matter how dumbass or repellant, has the right to speak his or her mind, and advance his or her ideas. Another core American ideal is that we are a melting pot of different cultures and ideas. The American ideal is that of many different tribes, each pulling together in some ways and in different directions in others, working out the answers between them. Because we are different, we have different beliefs. To make the melting pot work, we have developed standards of public, civilized behavior that draw boundaries for conflicts between different tribes.

What my fellow senators did that day was profoundly un-American. You know what else is? The emergence of the new violent extremists on the left. The kind of people you can find all too often these days over at Gods and Radicals. The kind that are increasingly trying to take over modern paganism, and turn it into an extremist political instrument.

I wrote recently about the call for McCarthy-esque witch hunts from some of the Gods and Radicals crowd, to eliminate “wrong-thinking” pagan elements, such as heathenry. I considered that to be the end of the matter, as I had said all I had to say on the subject. Then I saw more of that crowd writing about a whole new batch of truly disturbing things, and now feel I must speak again.

I am not providing a specific link, as I have no wish to start a flame war, and my point isn’t the specific words of one person or another. Anyone paying even minimal attention lately knows the kinds of writings I am talking about. People advocating going to Trump rallies and trying to shut them down. Trying to use violence against Trump rally-goers in an attempt to intimidate them into staying home. People claiming that this is the truly Pagan thing to do, and that it is a form of sacred warriorship.

Bull$&!^. It’s fascism, pure and simple. It is profoundly un-American. Parts of it border on terrorism.

It is also astonishingly hypocritical. These people love to present themselves as freedom fighters, anarchists, and rebels, standing up to the obviously fascist Trump. Yet they use repressive, fascistic techniques to accomplish their aims.

These people are not rebels. They are not freedom fighters. There is nothing sacred about what they do. All they are is closet aristocrats. They do not actually value freedom, as they are proud of denying it to those who do not think as they do. They just want to be the ones who are in charge.

There’s an old song by The Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” It contains the lyrics:

The change, it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold, that’s all
And the world looks just the same
And history ain’t changed
Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again

You know what? These closet aristocrats, these phony freedom fighters, are exactly who The Who were warning us about.

Don’t get me wrong. I am passionately anti-Trump. The man is clearly a racist, crypto-fascist demagogue with an IQ even smaller than his hands. He is a dangerous, petty halfwit who could easy take America down the road Germany went in the 30s, were he to ever get power.

You know how I’m going to deal with that? I am going to vote against him. Like an American. Like a true lover of freedom. I will let him have his rallies. It is his right to.

To the new extremist pagan left, I would say that you have stared too long into the Abyss, and you have not taken care when fighting monsters.

I would also say that you seem to be a load of halfwits. You are doing more damage to the causes you claim to honor than Trump ever could. He was the one with the violent, fascistic rallies. He was the one encouraging un-American violence and suppression of political enemies. He was well on the way to discrediting himself in the larger electorate’s eyes. He was well on the way to showing what he really was, and making a sharp distinction between his toxic politics and the politics of those who oppose him.

Then you Bozos go and change the narrative. You snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You make it clear that violence and fascistic jackasses come from the left, too, and make Trump seem less of an extremist problem relative to them. You even let HIM take the moral high ground, and publish speeches denouncing the un-American violence of your crowd.

Way to go, losers.

I am a man of Odin. I hear my god calling me to stand by my ideals, and not compromise them in order to score a cheap hit. Paganism is not politics, and it is most certainly not your brand of extremist, bumbling, grandstanding, un-American idiocy.

8 thoughts on “Some Pagans Are Getting Fooled Again

  1. dv says:

    You DO know that absolutely zero GR articles called for the elimination of Heathenry, right? And I would also hope that you know that none of those articles ever called Heathenry itself or Heathens themselves “wrong-thinking.” Unless you are of the mindset that racialism, rigid patriarchal feudalism and widely debunked pseudoscience like “metagenetics” are indivisible from and are a key foundation of Heathenry itself. THOSE are the topics about which GR has been publishing articles, not fevered screeds calling for stalinist purges.

    I mean, all of that is easy enough to verify by reading the articles, so I don’t know why there is the need for such obvious misrepresentation.

  2. I got one rule here, Skippy: be sure of your facts before shooting your mouth off. I said what I meant, and I have addressed these points already in the post just two or three down from this one. If you can’t be bothered to research the facts, you are banned.

    For the readers who like to actually understand things, let me repeat some of the more salient points from the threads Doofus here skipped:

    One GR post talks about, and I quote:
    “the clear association between Heathenry and an openly racialist subculture, one that has taken on Norse myth and symbols as a primary form of identification.”

    Another spoke of the need to keep a watchful eye on Heathens because of “nationalistic and racial exclusionist tendencies are often justified as being part of ‘the lore.’” It goes on to rant about how any heathen group that uses tribal identities or hierarchy is obviously influenced by the New Right.

    Well, most heathenry is tribal, and hierarchical, in ways that have nothing to do with ethnic exclusion. It doesn’t matter if you occasionally remember to say “but not all heathens are like this” if you define the problematic kind, the kind you say needs to be excluded and worked against, as effectively encompassing all heathenry. THAT is setting yourself up as the thought police of heathenry.

    Look, Trump added a statement that some Mexicans were OK to his “build a border wall” speech. That is merely a lame attempt at covering his ass, that in no way reduces the racism of his previous statements.

    Just like the occasional statements in these articles and others like them do not change their central message.

    • Oh yes, let me add another thing: I am also referring to the extremely well documented cases of the G&R crowd actually threatening people who were trying to come to a supposedly religious event because the G&R people did not like the way they used sarcasm, and thought that it indicated that they held the wrong politics.

  3. I really appreciate this article. I try to receive information from many sources with many different viewpoints, in an attempt to make sure that I don’t develop tunnel vision. I will admit that I’ve had some comfort issues when reading articles over on G&R because of the almost militant way that I feel their views are presented. I’ve tried to have an open mind and come back and read newer articles, but each time I leave feeling as though I haven’t been educated so much as attempted indoctrination.

    I married a man that was a proud conservative when we met. I myself am very liberal in almost every way. Slowly, through the not-so-casual leaving of articles around, my husband has become more of a liberal moderate in his views. We have had many discussions and he has expressed extreme shock at my insistence that we let ignorant, closed-minded people have a say publically.

    I hold the sincere belief that unless everyone is allowed equal time and opportunity, we are not an equal society. We do not have the options to learn and think for ourselves. Even if what we’re being told to think is truly what is best for us, it eliminates our ability to discern the good from the bad, which will eventually cause us to accept erroneous/damaging information as fact.

    When I presented my case to him in such a manner, he still argued his case, but eventually came to accept that what I said, while not what he’d like to hear, is what is best for society as a whole. When I go to G&R, I feel as though they believe I shouldn’t be allowed to think for myself, but simply accept their views as fact and that if I disagree, I’m wrong and should be punished. This is dangerous. It doesn’t matter if their views are what is best, if we are not allowed to have other views, or search for them, without threat of retribution or punishment, then they’re ultimately wrong.

    All this to say that it really helps to have someone that I would consider more educated in these things than myself, going public with these very thoughts and ideas. Thank you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      “I try to receive information from many sources with many different viewpoints, in an attempt to make sure that I don’t develop tunnel vision.”

      Good on you. I wish everyone were so intelligent and mature. The world would be far less lame.

      “I hold the sincere belief that unless everyone is allowed equal time and opportunity, we are not an equal society.”

      And that is the difference between true believers in freedom and phony freedom fighters. It does no good to fight the enemies of freedom by surrendering our respect for freedom.

  4. i agree with your post and the second commentator about G&R. I had Communist and Anarchist relatives who were hunted by the FBI and blew stuff up. When I read the articles at G&R, I thought was dealing with those types, but I realised that they were as you put phony freedom fighters. They are angry, and talk the talk, but do not want to walk the walk. In other words, if it is easy for them to do without little consequences, they do it. But the hard stuff is for others. So much for their anarchist tripe.

    I also came to understand that the site is a vanity site for the main writers to pummel people with their rage and anger. However, they do little else but set up authority figures to rage at. The figure of the day are the polytheists. But that could change. What matters is an authority figure to rage at for how your life turned out. They write as though feelings are facts, and that feelings are the only thing that matters. Few articles have any documentation that is outside of their firing circle.

    In other words, they are a group wanting power over others, and have followers who find them a safe place to vent. One person in particular seems not to do anything that the group doesn’t bless. They are other-directed by the people at the top, with the leader being an injustice collector.

    In other words, I find the site – mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

    For actual discussions in a Marxist light, with actual facts, and observations, read or listen to Max Keiser, who is both an economist and financially trained. He has a programme on RT, and a website. The writers at his website present solutions to the problems they perceive. In other words, they not only do a call to action, they present facts, and ideas for solutions for ordinary people to ponder.

    I suppose now that we will be considered fascists or something else for disagreeing with them, and code-named by the leader as yet another insult on his character for the group to dislike.

    • “I suppose now that we will be considered fascists or something else for disagreeing with them, and code-named by the leader as yet another insult on his character for the group to dislike.”

      Well, I should hope so. Their approval would fill me with shame.

  5. […] were arguments about trans inclusion, the Marxification of paganism, demonizing people for holding contrary political beliefs, how questioning […]

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