Happy Loki’s Day

Happy Loki’s Day, to all who love the god, or can bear his blessings.

3 thoughts on “Happy Loki’s Day

  1. annesolka says:

    I wish to thank you for your insights on Loki on the Uppsala website. There are so few posts out there that describe Him as the complex God He is, and also pay Him the respect and reverence He deserves.

    Since I come from a different spiritual background that I have practised strictly over the past 20 years, I was confused and surprised when a rather powerful deity named “Loki” made his entrance in my life about a year ago. He appeared just as my life settled back into balance, after a rather chaotic time that had unsettled me on all levels (starting with loosing my home town in an earthquake and its aftermath). I found in Loki a deep love and compassion and He brought me freedom of old beliefs and habits, that in turn brought great healing.

    My web research on the mythological Loki turned out to be useless, as descriptions of Him were nothing like the Loki I experienced, so for a while I had to rely on my meditations and things He taught me about HImself. I still doubted Him – or rather my own sanity – until I finally found some accounts on Loki (like the Uppsala temple) that described Him in a way more familiar to me.

    I do not know why Loki found me as I connect to the Indian pantheon of Gods, but I am grateful to Him as He has been a veritable blessing in many ways – He certainly keeps me on my toes (on all levels).
    I revere Him deeply, although I do not really know how to “worship” Him – I meditate, write poetry, paint, offer Him my gratitude. He comes and goes, even though His presence seems to be around most of the time.

    Thank you again.

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