A Lesson for Mr. McNallen

Well, the Chicken Little Brigade is at it again. Stephen McNallen, self proclaimed scientist, self proclaimed psychic warrior hero, and anti-Mexican doomsday prophet has announced his and his terrified legions’ desire to bring back the old Nazi gangs that used to roam around murdering minorities. When called on this, he responded with the following asinine statement:


Mr. McNallen, let me explain some things to you, as you evidently lack the wits to understand them for yourself.

Political correctness is not some kind of censorship. It is not some kind of thought control.

You see, people who actually have grown up are polite. We try to get along, and see other people as they actually are. We try to see past the stupid blind assumptions that irrelevant surface level differences make.

We do not really think like you and your army of terrified bigots deep down inside, but are too afraid to admit it. We do not censor our thoughts or our speech.

We don’t have to.

You see, the thing is, society has been making a lot of changes, over the last century. Some people have realized that we need to have high standards. We need to eliminate the scourge of intellectual weakness, and stupidity-fuelled hatred.

That political correctness thing you keep whining about? It’s not censorship. It’s standards. Actual grown ups have realized that we need to call a spade a spade. We need to call losers like yourself out, who are driven by stupidity and hate.

There is no censorship. There is no thought control. You only think that. You know why?

Because you are losers. You are morons. You are driven by hate. You cling to ancient bigotries, and refuse to grow up. But oh no! The rest of society has moved on, and left you behind! The rest of us have grown up!

Well, you lack courage. So you hide your true faces. You hide your true intentions. You adopt the language of your betters, of people more mature than you, and use it to fool people into thinking you are something you aren’t. So that the rest of us don’t call you on your stupidity.

We aren’t censoring you. You are doing that to yourself. Because you are dishonest. You have the freedom to believe any damn idiot thing you want.

And we have the freedom to call you what you really are: bigots. Idiots. Barbaric halfwits who cannot see past their own fondly cherished traditional prejudices.

We don’t want you to act or think differently than you actually are. We want a world where people actually are grown up, and part of that is pointing at the children who refuse to.

Grow up. Your antics aren’t even funny anymore. You and all those like you are the real threat to our society.

16 thoughts on “A Lesson for Mr. McNallen

  1. Alex K. says:

    What can the rest of us do to mitigate the fallout from McNallen and his BS? Any outsiders who research Heathenry out of curiosity are going to find his stuff everywhere.

    • Speak up, loudly, wherever and whenever you can.

      Pointing and laughing helps, too. These people have fragile egos, and they get a LOT more upset by such things. The more ridiculous they show themselves to be, the better.

  2. Well said. McNallen has bastardized my faith and is using it for his own bigoted and ignorant ends. Much like many other ‘religious leaders’ around the world. Nothing more than power-hungry sociopaths.

  3. So much ad hominem. So much desperation. U mad?

    • An ad hominem attack is an error only when used as a trick to undercut a logical argument. Here, however, as the article is on the subject of a particular person, it is more along the lines of what writers call a “theme.” You know, the point of the article.

      Don’t strain yourself trying to use the big words, Skippy.

      And, as a matter of fact, I am mad. I am bloody tired of apes like this making the world a more miserable, hate-filled, difficult, ugly place to live. I am tried of having my world circumscribed by the limitations of minds that a Neanderthal would scoff at as being unevolved. I am tired of having my gods, and the traditions I honor, hijacked and dishonored by pathetic little cowards who are trying to legitimize themselves.

      So, you know, fuck off.

  4. Troy Hansen says:

    You sir are spot on with this topic. I pasted your page that deals with racism in Asatru and the six well laid out disproves to my kindred’s page. The “elders” are putting together a discussion group and using it as the starting point. We want to stamp this shit out as well and have been flying the Heathens Against Hate Flag (more than an idea… it is an actual flag). I cannot tell you how awesome it was to find a fellow heathen (outside of my own Tribal Kindred) who takes as strong as a stance as I/us against racism. Although I have not met you, I am very proud to count you among true heathens.

  5. antitactical says:

    Say what you want about McNallen, but I just have to point out: the Freikorps was not a Nazi outfit. Its members were from a wide section of German society. Hitler even tried to kill Freikorps vets when he was in power. Using the Freikorps thing seems kind of desperate.

    • Yeah, because that detail of taxonomy was really the point. It was a product of the same diseased national psychology that produced the Nazis. It was used by them, whatever their official position. It was Nazi, in every practical sense of the word. The fact that you can point out that one facet is not not the same as another facet does not mean they are different stones.

      Way to try to avoid direct grappling with an argument you can’t counter and score cheap points with a straw man, Internet Guy.

  6. Heinrich says:

    You seem like a liberal faggot that would get raped by a Syrian refugee. Do you even have muscles and a beard? If you are a woman, are you above 300lb in weight?

    I think Norse would use you as a human sacrifice for weighing down the group as a manchild. I do not think pansy fags were considered ‘good viking warriors.’

    You are probably shaking and crying as you read my comment right now, lololol. Have some Brahmin swastikas: 卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐

    • Actually, halfwit, I am three time winner of the Shieldbiter’s Cup international berserker tournament. And, as my mind is every bit as mighty as my body, I see no need to waste the time debating a fool like you. Banned, troll.

      By the way, witling, real men (and women) meet an argument with an argument, using reason, not childish insults.

  7. Eofor says:

    Thank you for saying everything I’ve always wanted to say to this racist idiot. I was feeling kinda tired of most heathen groups around, getting truly pissed off with some people. This text, however, is a relief, a motivation for me. Again, thank you a lot. I wish there were less McNallens and more Skallagrimssons around.

  8. Friggagirl says:

    Thanks for your post. It’s so needed.

  9. Liberal retardation like this is why Europe is going down the drain .You have dirty refugees raping and our women ,forcing there laws down our throats and you liberal fucks just laugh and smile . I bet you wont laugh if it was you,your mother, daughter that got raped by those fucks .But i may be wrong you guys are full blown retards ._. Wake up Sweden use to be beautiful ,Germany use to be beautiful,France and England use to be beautiful. Now these countrys have areas where you can no longer walk ,where white women have to walk in groups because these refugees dont see them ,you or i as equals they have no respect for our cultures no respect for land that our ancestor came from yet you fuck tards are ranting how folkish are wrong and how universalist are wrong .We are individuals and each intitled to view asatru the way they want but dont go saying how this person or thats person is disgracing my ancestor way .Mcnallen is not related to any of you nor is he your fucking friend , or baby sitter he is a grown ass man whose actions affect him and his kindred you ass hats are you retards a fucking pope,does his words yours , or any one in Asatru change how you practice Asatru , do you hail the gods and your ancestors any differently because a folkish person has a different view then you ._ no it dont if your a follwer of the old ways you would fucking know we are our deeds ,we are each individual beings if you allow others to sway you from being an individual you are not Asatru , man up take responsibility for your actions put your differences aside so we can all work to bring our old ways back to being strong , no more folkish ,no more universal only one Asatru

    • And more gibberish from the the tinfoil hat brigade.

      First of all: I am not a liberal. The contempt I feel for Mr. McNallen has nothing to do with political affiliation. However, like most of your moronic kind, you have no comprehension of how vast and complicated the world is. Or even of how vast and complicated the spectrum of political opinion is. You seriously think there are only two possible political positions? If I am not some jackbooted conservative like you, then I must be a liberal?

      I won’t even bother discussing my political beliefs with you, as they are clearly far over your head, and quite invisible to your black and white worldview.

      No, the contempt I feel for Mr. McNallen and his sort comes from his pettiness, his stupidity, his vicious hatred, and the fantasyland he lives in and wants to drag the rest of us into.

      It also comes from the fact that HE IS NOT ASATRU. Nor is anyone who believes like him.

      Get this through your thick skull: the ancients did not hold beliefs that were even remotely like his. They did not hold beliefs that were compatible with his.

      I feel contempt for him because he has made up his own weirdo little “religion” and hijacked our traditions and names to paint a veneer of respectability onto his made up crap. He doesn’t even have the balls to hold his own beliefs: he has to try to hijack this venerable ancient tradition to hide beneath.

      And no, each individual is NOT entitled to their own beliefs about Asatru. That would mean that any damn idiot who claims they are Asatru is. It would mean that von Daniken ancient alien types are Asatru. It would mean that Wiccans are Asatru. It would mean that people obsessed with Marvel Loki are Asatru. If a word means everything, then it means nothing.

      No, like anything else in this world, while subjective opinions about it are possible, there are also certain objective standards that must be met. One of them is having a religion that is based on that of the ancients. If it ain’t ancient at its root, it ain’t Asatru.

      So YES, his words an actions affect how I practice Asatru. Every time one of you lackwits does and says something racist and stupid, and claim that it is a part of our belief system, you make all of us really practicing the religion look like the same sort of hate filled morons you are. You make our gods look as petty and ignoble as you. You make other people refuse to talk to us. You make it hard to get our books published, and find space for our rituals. You make our potential allies look at us as enemies.

      And you know what? I love the gods. I love our people. And I am not letting you loser badmouth them.

      Oh, and by the way: this is not a space for jackasses like you. You are banned.

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