Everything Furthers

If I had to sum up the heart of the Odinic path into two words, they would be these words:

Everything furthers.

An Odinist does not shy away from doing something that is hard, because effort is beneficial. An Odinist does not shy away from doing something that is painful, because pain is a most useful tool. An Odinist does not shy away from sacrifice and loss, because these things too can be beneficial.

When times are tough, Odin does not offer mindless reassurances that everything will be alright. He does not claim that every bad thing is part of some mysterious, invisible greater good. He does not promise an eternity of reward in some future existence. Instead, he teaches practical ways to use and benefit from the world as it is.

The wisdom that Odin teaches is the wisdom to see the benefit in everything. By that I do not mean some blind Panglossian optimism, I mean learning to use all experiences for your own benefit. Consider:

Have you been injured, and find yourself in constant pain? Then you have the opportunity to learn how to focus your mind, be productive, and keep your mood up under difficult circumstances. If you can manage to do these things, you will be sharper, happier, and more disciplined for the rest of your life.

Hungry? Then you have the perfect opportunity to use the clarity of mind that hunger brings to sharpen your meditative state, which brings mental health benefits.

Lost your job? Now you have the chance to work on your powers of persuasion, which will benefit you in all areas of life.

Have you been betrayed by a loved one? You now have an unparalleled opportunity to work on disciplining your emotions, on being productive even while heartbroken, on not lashing out in anger when you feel pain. Learning to do these things will make you a better person.

Are you suffering from depression? Then you have the chance to condition yourself to think in ways that do not reinforce the depression, and instead lead on to better moods. While medications may help, conditioning your mind to steer clear of depression naturally will be a much more effective treatment.

Everything furthers. The mind of an Odinist is like a bonfire: everything put into it becomes fuel. Good things, bad things, indifferent things, all become fuel. Pleasant things, unpleasant things, the mind of an Odinist takes all that comes his or her way and turns it to his or her benefit.

This makes an Odinist unstoppable. An Odinist does not run from fear, or pain. An Odinist keeps going long after everyone else has quit or collapsed. An Odinist can be knocked down, but cannot be kept down.

Some people find Odinists to be dark, strange, even unpleasant. They do not understand why we embrace pain and suffering the way we do. Let me tell you something. It isn’t masochism. It isn’t even really darkness. It’s more a matter of being able to recognize power and opportunity where most people cannot see them. Odinists desire growth, strength, intelligence, and wisdom above all other things, so we take advantage of everything that comes our way.

And you know what? Being able to see value even in scary, painful things means that fear and pain aren’t such big deals to us. It actually makes us happier, and more well adjusted in general.

Now, Odin’s way is most certainly not for everyone. However, his example is something that anyone can learn and benefit from. Especially when times are dark. All you have to do is remember that everything furthers.

May Odin bless you.

27 thoughts on “Everything Furthers

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Powerful message. Thank you!

  2. TurningTides says:

    A different, and more productive way of looking at our challenges. Thank you!

  3. Sierra says:

    This is a valuable way of thinking for all of us, and so often easy to forget. I read this earlier today, and was presented with a prime opportunity to apply these teachings in the evening. Thank you for posting. Hail, Odin.

  4. Jason says:

    Being out of work is a strong teacher, and the pain of adapting to a much more physical job feels good in an interesting way. There is a mental process of learning to adapt. I appreciate the work you do in sharing your experiences for others to learn from.

  5. HowlingFire says:

    Your writings have helped many, thank your for your words. Hail Odin!

  6. Eversor says:

    Hail Wayland,

    Greetings. I bring good tidings that I am still on the path, and miss the days of conversation with the old pack. I hope all is well, old friend.


    • Heilsa, Eversor,

      I am glad to hear it. I miss those days, too. Well, the conversations. And the Gatherings. I do not so much miss the insane amounts of work, and playing politics.

      I am well. I have spent my time writing down what we learned in the old Pack in the form of books, and publishing them. And pursuing my own projects. I still manage a caamora now and again. I have continued seeking the possibly non-existent zero-wod elevation technique. I have come closer than I ever thought possible.

      Maybe some day other somaferans will be inspired to form a new group. Ours was hardly the first, this has been happening since the 70s. I doubt we will have been the last. I still have hopes that this modern age marks the rebirth of our people.

      Good luck, and gods bless.


      • eversor9 says:

        Indeed, our time is now. I have been trying to open the eyes of all those that I can.

        Do you still stay in touch with anyone?

        It has been 3 years now, roughly, since everything fell apart.


        • Good. I hope that each of us has taken that much of the Pack’s mission out into the world with them.

          I stay in contact with a couple of people, only one of whom was a member at the end. One of us had a complete breakdown, and will not talk to anyone at all anymore, due to old psychological issues. Others withdrew from their online activities. There are certain people I will have nothing to do with. That includes many people who chose to remain neutral when they should have known better. Others I have no problem with, but our paths have simply diverged.

          I am naturally a solitary, anti-social person. For over a decade I acted against type, for a great many reasons. Now that I have nothing pushing me to do this anymore, I have reverted to my mostly solitary ways.

          I am enjoying it. And I am getting a lot done.

          Three years. Wow. I wish I had some words that were adequate for expressing what was lost, after it all fell apart.

          I know a researcher considering doing a professional research paper on berserkers. She needs to interview people if she does, though, and wrote to me to ask for help finding them. Care to be interviewed, if she does?

          • eversor9 says:

            Yes, so much information was lost it is heartbreaking. I am unaware if anyone saved any of it.

            I think many of us are social pariahs. I know I am perfectly content to blend back into the shadows and observe instead of interact. It may come hand in hand with what we are.

            I would happily do an interview. Also, I have an invaluable scholarly source on the history of indi-european berserks. I am fairly certain it either never made it to print or has been out of print for some time. Your friend might be able to draw a lot of hard archeological evidence, and cultural background from it. It spends a lot of time looking at the common traits of ancient armies of berserks dating back thousands of years (including common themes and rituals scene within all of them.


          • I tried to save the posts before everything completely crashed. When the three %@^s who caused all the trouble realized that, they prevented the download and changed my passwords. Last year, they contacted me, and offered to return all of the posts to me, if I paid a ransom for them. I will not negotiate with such traitors, though, nor allow them to profit off of their treason. Not even to save all that we had. The important things reside in the heads of those who participated.

            Thank you. How do I contact you if she wants to interview you?

            Also: source? What source is that? I would be interested in seeing it.

          • eversor9 says:

            It is dishonorable and shameful to steal and then attempt to sell back the stolen property. No one put in more work than you did. Their actions will curse them.

            My email is the best way to contact me, as I work two jobs and have a new baby (time is a premium).


            The source: Michael Speidel: Berserks: A History of Indo-European“Mad Warriors”

            Scholarly work from a professor at the University of Hawaii. Never officially published, although able to be downloaded for a price at a few sites. I have a copy saved in my home computer that I can email you. It is well written and delves deep into areas previously never covered. It’s about 40 pages.


  7. Dallof says:

    I copied every conversation i took part in onto a usb stick, to look back on when times are hard.

    I have been reading your work, over and over.


    • eversor9 says:

      Think of how much knowledge and accumulated experience we all had in one place. It truly was our mecca. It was great, and probably saved my life.


      • I am glad we could help. Being of such aid to those of our people in need of it is why we continued to exist for so long after our primary research work was completed.

        Perhaps someday you or someone in your boat, when you are ready, could take what you have learned and make another such haven for our people.

        There will always be a need of it. And who better to run it than someone who’s been through the fire himself?

        I wish I could reconstruct it myself. But that part of my life is over, and has to be. I am an Odinist. My path is solitary, and my work right now requires a long journey alone, both physically and metaphorically. It has been walking the Earth time, for me, and deep research time. However, I believe that what we were is not lost. It has simply been scattered. The fragments that scattered are seeds, and will eventually take root. We were too strong not to survive in some form.

        However, I might point out that this somafera related conversation would be more appropriate on my somafera blog, not this general heathen one.

    • Please hang onto those. What shreds of the old forum as we can gather might prove really valuable some day.

      I am glad that my work has been of such value to you. I have always greatly appreciated your contributions to the group’s work.

  8. Cameron says:

    I’m new to Asatru, but nothing has ever felt more right to me than this, your website has helped me out a lot. I’ve learned more from your page than I have from multiple other web searches. I’m so cruious about our gods and want to learn as much as I can from and about them. You’ve given me a jump start on my quest for knowledge!

  9. Pisici Caini says:

    I used to be on your old forum a few years back. Since it shut down, I kept reading this blog of yours. This article screams at me. Everything you listed here happened to me in a very short time… span ( please excuse my english, it sucks ). Like many people, I’m dirt poor, I have no “future” in this society and no time left to try and build one. I’ve almost died last summer and this winter again. A strange kind of death. I found out something that… nearly shattered what mind I have left. The first time, in the summer, pulse went through the roof for two days in a row, I couldn’t even hold up a hand and at one point I no longer felt the need to breathe. I had to do an exercise non-stop to control my breathing to stop the pain and fell in a very light sleep. When I woke up breathing was no longer a reflex. It was as though I was tired. I had to choose to breathe like I would have to choose to walk. I felt my pulse fading the longer I didn’t breathe. Then and there I wanted to die, I said to myself “Finally… took long enough. Give up.”. I didn’t because I wanted to settle the matter that put me there. Since then I didn’t resolve anything and I don’t care about her anymore. Now, I just want to die in peace. The longer I am around these people, the more I am losing control and some, few of them don’t deserve what I’ll do to them when I lose it. My question to you is this: how do I get around this self-preservation instinct ? How do I give up for good ? From what I found out on my own ( because I had to), starving and having a water source nearby is the best way to go. I want this but when I’m close, I start fooling myself with false hope (tricks of the DNA I bet). I need to learn how to stay focused when it’s a storm inside my head. I’m serious about this and trust me when I say I have no future and nobody to care about. There are more important things than being alive to me. How do I give up ?

    • You don’t. You are asking a man of Odin for advice on how to give up. Perhaps part of you does not really want to give up. The word “quit” is not in my dictionary. Odin teaches willpower and heroism.

      But you know these things, if you are reading here, and if you knew me back in the day. So I think that maybe the real reason you are writing is to ask me how not to give up. The fact that your self preservation instinct always kicks in indicates that you are really not ready to.

      The problem is, you live with too much pain on the surface. You can’t bear it. It’s hard to offer advice to someone based off of so little information, but there’s one surefire trick that’s always worked for me, though it is not easy to do: let go of trying to fight or flee from the pain. Let it wash over you. Do not resist it. Let it destroy you. Let it well and truly destroy you.

      Once you have let it destroy you, you will be a new thing. Able to start from the beginning, and build up again. Once you stop wasting your energy trying to fight what you cannot destroy and flee what you cannot outrun, you will be much healthier. You will process the bad orlog, and move on.

      Doing this ritually can help.

      Good luck. May the gods bless you.

    • I am not good at the empathy thing, and I do not have a normal perspective, but I can listen, and maybe even understand. So tell me something… why are you here? Not here on this blog, but here on the Earth. What is your purpose, as you see it? What is the basis of this all?

      • Pisici Caini says:

        That’s what I’ve asked for the last 20 years. I don’t put much value on my life. Everything I did I did to prove I’m not worthless to… someone. Finding a woman that has something in common with me and having a family is all that matters to me and it’s the only thing I can’t have ( inferior genes – looks and intelligence ). I’m not asking for empathy. This is not request for help in that way. This is a rational decision to let go of something pointless. It doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll have to find out for myself. If I can’t, I’ll do it the way I know. Thanks for your time. Good luck on your path.

        • eversor9 says:

          Do not measure yourself, be the measure of yourself. When you carry the weight of your worth on the scales of others you shall always end the day feeling cheated. When you set your price so low as to be worthless it is the natural state of others to view you as worthless.

          Begin within your own ethos. Build upon your own character within the halls of our world. Exemplify your worth, and the world will kneel before you.

          Óðinn’s way is to reach out and grasp for what is ours. To not beg for it like a dog. If you want the god of champions, kings, jarls, and earls to notice you then your actions must demand notice. Whimpering and crying out at the cruel world will avail you naught. And to be brutally honest if that is your way then perhaps the christ god is the one for you, and not Óðinn at all.

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