A Temple in Iceland

Well, it looks like the Folkie Fool Brigade is at it again. This time, they’re going after Icelandic heathens. The Icelandic heathen group Ásatrúarfélagið has recently announced plans to build a temple in Rekjavik. To true heathens, this sign of our people’s resurgence in the modern world is a reason to celebrate. A bunch of Folkies in America and Germany, however, have seen it as an opportunity to show the world what incredible douchebags they are.

You see, Ásatrúarfélagið seems to actually try to practice their religion. You know, be actively involved in the world and address modern issues informed by the wisdom of the gods and the ancients. As such, they are outspoken proponents of LGBT rights, and they have also come out against animal sacrifice. Both things seem to have upset the Folkies, who are far more concerned with trying to control other people’s private lives and fighting a lost culture war than actually being heathen. In a vain attempt to make themselves the Popes of the heathen world, they have threatened to come to the new Icelandic temple and vandalize it if the Icelandic heathens don’t start doing what the Folkies tell them.

So I wish to publically reach out to the Icelandic heathens and wish them well in their dealings with these fools. I wish them to know that real American heathens are not like this. We simply go about our business of living our own lives and practicing our own faith. I wish to explain to them who these people really are. They are not heathens. They are not even religious. They are a sad bunch of socially conservative hatemongers who are terrified of the progressive changes that modern culture over here has been experiencing. They have merely hijacked the symbols of our faith to use as a rallying point for their dying cause.

Good luck building your new temple, my brothers and sisters. Wes thu hal.

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