Beware Christian Day, Pagan Predator

I had just logged in to make a post, and got word of something that I need to pass along. My original post will have to wait for another time.

I want to warn everyone about a tool named Christian Day, a member of the Salem pagan scene who has recently started posting private information about people publicly, including real names. When one of the women he outed informed him that she used a pseudonym because of a deranged, violent stalker, he replied “I hope your stalker has some fun with you,” and “Oh, and by the way, if he rapes you please call out my name while he does so.”

As far as I am concerned, that makes him an attempted rapist. I advise you all to share no troth, or personal information, with this tool.

Mr. Day, you are a nidhling. A contemptuous, honorless troll. Three ises I give thee, and three thurses too. Let all wights hear this nidhing, and give you no peace until you make amends.

10 thoughts on “Beware Christian Day, Pagan Predator

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