Immediate and Extreme Escalation

One of my nieces recently turned 18, and another turned 13. At the older niece’s birthday I reflected back on my time with them, and asked myself: “Have I taught them to be brutal and merciless enough when circumstances demand it?”

As their uncle and an Odinist, I have always figured that it was my responsibility to teach them how to defend themselves. Especially after I heard what their father taught them on the subject. While I would not normally interfere, he is estranged and has little part in raising them. Plus his advice was stupid, and could get them hurt or killed.

You see, he had told them that if they were ever attacked, then they had a moral obligation to only respond with the exact same level of force, to retreat if at all possible, and to never initiate anything or escalate the situation.

This sort of bullshit is the sure sign of an overprivileged middle- or upper-class idiot who has been insulated enough from the real world to never have been in any real danger or take any significant risks. The kind of person who makes moral codes based entirely on theory and not at all on real world considerations.

As a priest of Odin, my understanding of Odinic principles and teachings has bid me to do many things that some would consider risky. I have worked in shelters for homeless teens and adults. I have intervened in domestic violence situations. I have stepped into the ring with Navy SEALs, giants, and more for amateur MMA fights. I have learned a thing or two about violent, dangerous situations from actual real world experience.

Such advice as my nieces’ father gave them is seriously flawed on several levels. The most significant of which is that it gives the initiative to the attacker. NEVER do this. When you only respond and never initiate, when you let the attacker take the first move, you give your attacker complete control of the situation. If you do not have serious skills trained into you, do you know what your chances are of surviving an attack that is meant to kill or incapacitate, when your attacker is larger and stronger than you are, or armed? Pretty much zero.

Instead, I taught them that if they were ever attacked, or threatened with attack, their best chance of survival lay in immediate and extreme escalation. I taught them to scream, to advance aggressively. I taught them tricky attacks that were designed to avoid their natural limitation of small size, attacks that could end the situation immediately. I taught them how to shatter kneecaps, tear tendons and ligaments from their moorings, gouge out eyes, and more. I taught them how to use the contents of their purses as weapons. I taught them to do whatever it took to end the attack immediately. Anything less pretty much guarantees their defeat.

I taught them to be responsible about it, yes. But women in our society are too often programmed to be meek and to put themselves in danger rather than act inappropriately, and I made damn sure to counter this message. I taught them that if they did kill or cripple an attacker then the moral burden for it was on him, as the initiator of the attack, and not on them. I also pointed out that the philosophy of immediate and extreme escalation was also the most likely way to end the situation without anyone getting hurt. You see, predators want easy prey. When you make it plain that you will fight back, that you will bloody well kill them if necessary, then they will often leave without any violence at all.

Some people ask what use Odin’s philosophy is in the modern world. Such questions are generally the sign of privilege and isolation from the real world. However civilized the world gets, there will always be animals, predators, crazies, and monsters. It is the job of us Odinists to help people deal with them.

Hail Odin.

One thought on “Immediate and Extreme Escalation

  1. Alex K says:

    I remember reading this article but I just came back to find it again. I have four younger sisters, the oldest of whom just turned 13 this year. I am going to follow your example and begin teaching them these principles.

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