Headspace Sacrifice

I am a big fan of the bauhaus approach to spirituality. That is to say, I don’t tend to go for elaborate ritual, instead preferring practices that can be done anywhere, at a moment’s notice. It is a matter of individual taste and style, true, but I get more out of being able to do significant if short devotional practices whenever I have the opportunity than I do out of a set schedule of more elaborate practices. One of my favorites is the headspace sacrifice.

I usually do this when I am eating or drinking something, especially if it is tasty. It requires a trance state, particularly a low level spirit-awareness, but it’s something I can manage to do even in the middle of a busy workday. The procedure is simple: before taking a bite or a sip, I offer up a prayer to one of my gods or disir. I invite them to use my senses to enjoy something. Then I relax, enter a trance state, and try to open my mind to the presence of the one I prayed to.

I do not always have a sense of presence of the god or spirit, of course. Rough and ready rites such as this usually aren’t able to get the wod going that well. But I count the rite a successful sacrifice if I lose my sense of taste, or whatever the other relevant sense is, and have no experience of consuming the sacrifice.

If I experience the taste, or whatever, of that sacrifice then I do not actually count it as one, as I gave up nothing. Even if it seems to be a success, I remember that it might just be my imagination, and I do not count it as a serious or major offering. However, I believe my gods appreciate small frequent offerings mixed in with larger, more formal ones. It keeps me mindful of them on a much more constant basis. It also teaches a lack of attachment to enjoying food, drink, or other pleasurable sensory experiences. This lack of attachment to sensory enjoyment is good spiritual practice for anyone. For a serious mystic it is vital.

2 thoughts on “Headspace Sacrifice

  1. Reblogged this on Valiel's Notes In English and commented:
    An interesting offering practice. I often dedicate a bite or a sip of my food/drinks to the Powers, but I never actually thought of the lack of sense as a proof of their receiving the offering.

  2. I am so glad you wrote about this. My mom used to do this for Loki and Sigyn and I learned to incorporate it into my practice from her. It’s a lovely offering and one that can be done anywhere, making each meal an even more spiritual act. Just so very glad to hear someone else doing this. :)

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